Our Story

THE DOWNTOWN MOVIE HOUSE is gone from most small towns across the country. But in Indian Lake, New Yorkpopulation 1,400an historic theater began a new life thanks to the spirited efforts of the surrounding community. 

On March 6, 2008, a local volunteer organization purchased the 250-seat Lake Theater. Ben Strader, President of Indian Lake Theater, Inc., said at the time, "The local support for this project has been amazing. Nearly 500 people helped us raise $160,000 in just twelve weeks. This really shows us that we are on the right track, and the people of our towns believe in honoring the history and supporting the future of Indian Lake."

Before it closed in 2006, the Lake Theater had shown films and community theater for seven decades. It reopened Memorial Day Weekend 2008 as the Indian Lake Theater, a nonprofit multipurpose community center—a space for a space for new and classic films, in addition to theater, concerts, and other special events. 

OUR MISSION is to strengthen the economic livelihood and cultural wealth of Indian Lake and surrounding communities through year-round stage and screen productions

A thriving theater provides wholesome fun for our children, families, and summer guests. Support from foundations, corporations, local businesses and state agencies has been and continues to be critical for our success.

Board members from Indian Lake, Long Lake, and Blue Mountain Lake encouraged their neighbors to get involved. Small, local donors helped us to purchase a digital projector and make other necessary upgrades to the 1937 structure. The many volunteers who have donated their time to the Theater—whether scraping and priming the theater's facade, distributing posters and flyers, or assisting behind the scenes of community theater productions, have our gratitude and deserve recognition for the continued success of this project.  

See you at the movies!